We've all heard of spoken word - where a monologue, poem, or written passage is recited through rhythmic nuance and melodic speech. The images and emotion that can emanate from words are incredible. However, I'm a fan of taking spoken word a step further - into movement. 

I've not seen this effort executed better than the one women monologue/dance/performance titled "Snap Into It" by Jillian Meyers. Straddling the line between performance art, dance, spoken word, and acting, Jillian provides a window into the divergent quality of human thought, the unending spectrum of performative options, AND the choreography process. We listen to a stream of consciousness revolving around one phrase and how that stream of thought makes her feel and move. If that isn't enough, the piece is an excellent representation of the creative process for many choreographers - allowing the mind and body to wonder from one word or pose that feels great to the next. 

On top of the captivating content, the piece is masterfully filmed and edited. "Snap Into It" made me an instant fan of Jillian's and thrilled that creative movement without music is receiving the attention is deserves.